Upcycled Etched Yuengling Lager Juice Glass made from a bottle


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This beautiful etched glass is made from a 12 ounce bottle from America's oldest brewery, Yuengling. The bottle was hand crafted into an 8 ounce juice glass and then permanently etched with our design making it a highly desired keepsake. This glass is just the right size for juice or buy a set and use them for beer tastings. They also look awesome with a small tea light candle inside or use it as a pen or paper clip caddie on your desk. Give it as a gift for the Yuengling lover that has everything else and you'll be a rockstar!

The rim of the glass has been carefully smoothed and polished to remove any sharp edges and has a beautiful bevel. The quality of this glass can only be achieved by years of practice with this art. Do not be fooled by others that are less expensive and lack the attention to detail that my glasses have.

This glass stands 4.5 inches tall, measures almost 2.5 inches in diameter, and holds 8 fluid ounces.

This is a 100% post consumer, eco-friendly, recycled product.