Patriots Football Beer Growler Lamp with Night Light with shade

Bottle Refab

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64 oz beer growler with the Patriots logo on both sides made into a table lamp. This beer growler also has a night light inside the bottle in addition to a bulb above the bottle under the shade. There are four settings to the switch consisting of: "Night Light on", "Top light on", "Both lights on", and "Off" You have the choice of a white or black lamp shade.

Dimensions are 6 inches in diameter and 20 inches tall with the shade. The lamp comes with a 25 watt night light bulb inside the growler and does not include the top bulb. You may use any standard LED bulb for the top bulb but only 60 watt max if you use an incandescent.

Many other teams are available upon request.

If the shipping quote seems high, please contact us as we can check for a lower price with FedEx.

Materials: glass jug,lamp sockets,lamp cord,shade