Margaritaville Landshark Lager Novelty Juice Glasses made from recycled bottles


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"Fins to the left! Fins to the right!" These awesome glasses have been hand crafted from Margaritaville Landshark Lager beer bottles. They once held 12 ounces of beer. They now hold 8 ounces of any beverage. You could even use them to hold your pens and paper clips on your desk. A great gift for any Parrothead! The labels on these glasses are stickers and we strongly recommend hand washing them to make the label last. The heat from a dishwasher could compromise the adhesive.

The rim of these glasses have been carefully smoothed and polished to remove any sharp edges and have a beautiful bevel. The quality of these glasses can only be achieved by years of practice with this art. Do not be fooled by others that are less expensive and lack the attention to detail that my glasses have.. These glasses are made from a 100% post consumer recycled product and is eco-friendly.

These glasses measure about 2.5 inches in diameter and stand about 5 inches tall.

Sold as a pair. Let me know if you wish to purchase more than two. I may have more in stock.